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A fantastic experience and made even more worthwhile by our knowledgeable guide, Russell who was polite, helpful and super-informative. He explained the ecosystem, the geography, geology and history without intruding on the experience itself. Thanks Russell!
Posted By: Barry Trimmer
United States
Our kayak trip down the Turner River was the highlight of an Everglades family adventure. We were so impressed with the beautiful scenery and John, our amazing tour guide. He was friendly, helpful and well-informed. We would highly recommend this excursion to anyone! It's worth every penny!
Posted By: Pamela S. from FL, USA
Melbourne, FL
Went on the Turner River with Charles as our guide today. Had a blast! !! Very informative. Charles was an excellent guide..there was a complete novice in our group and he was excellent in his instruction. Saw a bunch of gators and other wildlife. He was great at explaining the ecosystem .
Anyone considering an interesting SAFE upclose paddling tour of the Everglades should consider this tour company.
Posted By: John Vieau
kayaker from Wisconsin, WI
Charles, a veteran of Outward Bound, was our guide and extremely knowledgable and experienced as we navigated stretches of the Turner River. He was very proficient in showing us the surrounding flora and fauna, as well as fully explaining the hazards of kayaking in the wild...in particular amongst the alligators! Truly a memorable experience that my son and I look forward to doing again on our next trip back to Florida!
Posted By: Robert R. from Irvine, CA
Irvine, CA
Kayak tour was an amazing adventure… I had never kayaked before and was a little nervous about the thought of being in water where alligators reside. However, the water was very calm and our guide Joe showed us how to paddle and steer and kept a close eye on us until we gained confidence in what we were doing. Being out in areas of the Everglades where you can't drive or walk was serene and breathtaking. Paddling through the mangrove tunnels was the highlight. There are better places to see wildlife (although we still saw plenty), but combined with the adventure of kayaking this trip was a highlight of our week long vacation.
Posted By: Kim W. from MO, USA
Guided Kayak tours were great! Both Joe (night trip) and Corey (day trip) did a great job leading our "expedition." Both were fun, knowledgeable, and confident in their job. Recommend for young and old alike!
Posted By: Debbie K. from MI, USA
Detriot, MI
The best way to experience the real beauty and peace of the Everglades: the Ivey House is a perfect place to stay… it also makes the 7:30 am kayak tour through ancient mangrove tunnels and hidden lakes an easy proposition. Our guide Chris was relaxed, gentle, witty and knowledgeable. This is an exciting and energising tour, with episodes of pure peace and beauty.
Posted By: Esther P. from UK
Incredible!!!!!! This was my second trip to this section of the everglades and luckily this time we discovered the Ivey House and Everglades Adventures. Our guided kayak trip on the Turner River was the most thrilling and beautiful experience we could imagine. Tour guide Chris was exceptional and we saw an amazing number of wildlife and flora. Alligators, fabulous birds, orchids, various everglades environments, from grassland to mangrove tunnel to hardwoods. This tour is a must do if you want to experience the everglades for real! We also enjoyed our cottage at Ivey House. There were 3 of us so the 2 rooms, kitchen and living room + porch were perfect. Our friends stayed in a lovely room in the main house and were very comfortable. The staff were friendly and helpful. Will definitely be coming back!
Posted By: Stephen G from FL, USA
These trips are really terrific – don’t miss this opportunity: we took two 4-hour kayaking trips with Eco Adventures, arranged through the Ivey House … We did a late afternoon/sunset trip with Chris on the East River and a morning trip with Joe on the Turner River. We are in our 60's, reasonably active, and very interested in wildlife and ecology. These trips were amazing - for the animals, birds and plants that we saw, what we learned, and just the general sense of getting off the beaten track (a bit) into the Everglades and Big Cypress Swamp environment. It is quiet and beautiful and so different from anything else we have ever seen. Both Chris and Joe were low key, knowledgeable, and fun to be with. They both quickly gauged the tone and interests of the group and made sure we got what we came for. The evening trip involves kayaking through mangrove tunnels in the dark with a headlamp - lots of fun and certainly like nothing we've ever done before. We highly recommend this. We hesitated to spend the money at first ($99/person) - and then signed up for a second trip as soon as we got back from the first!
Posted By: Ellen G from NY,USA
We (couple with 2 sons of 10 and 12 years old) stayed in the Ivey House in Everglades City and did the early morning kayak tour with John as our guide. We enjoyed it very much. John's knowledge of The Everglades and the animals and birds is great. We will come back for more. Thank you, John, for sharing your knowledge.
Posted By: Gerda from Netherlands

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