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Shuttle Service

We offer regularly scheduled shuttle services to various paddle destinations in the local area, including Everglades National Park's Gulf Coast Visitor Center, Big Cypress National Preserve's Turner River and Halfway Creek boat launches. We also offer special shuttles to and from Flamingo for folks who are planning to paddle the 99 mile Wilderness Waterway route between Flamingo and Everglades City. This section will discuss our local shuttle services: for information on our shuttle service to and from Flamingo, please click here.

Local Shuttle Services


Flamingo-Everglades City Shuttle Services

As with our boat rentals, advance reservations are suggested to ensure availability. If you plan to paddle within Everglades National Park, you will need to obtain and provide us with your permit and complete any necessary paperwork at the Ivey House before we can shuttle any boats for you.

The following table lists the one-way charge to each local launch site. All shuttle fees cover the cost for transporting one or two single kayaks, one tandem kayak, or one canoe and up to two individuals. Each additional boat and/or person(s) will be charged additional shuttle fees. Most launch locations do not require a ramp fee, although if unexpected fees are required at any location, it will be the responsibility of the renter to pay those charges.

Reservations can be made by calling our reservations line at either 239-695-3299 or 1-877-567-0679. The phone lines are manned daily between 6:30am and 9:00pm, Eastern time.


Cost with boat rental

Cost without boat rental

Everglades National Park (Gulf Coast Visitor Center)



Halfway Creek (Big Cypress)



Turner River (Big Cypress)



Chokoloskee (private launch)



Please practice "Leave No Trace" whenever you visit any of our beautiful Western Everglades areas!

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Flamingo is a small settlement in the extreme southeast corner of Everglades National Park, which is about 130 miles (by surface roads) from Everglades City. However, many adventurous folks prefer to visit the Park by water and make the ambitious journey between the two locations by canoe or kayak. It's an amazing trip, one that many say is a life-changing experience and certainly offers many, many opportunities to view rare wildlife (including the highly endangered American Crocodile, Flamingos, dolphins, sharks, rays, and a multitude of migratory birds).

The most commonly traveled water route through the Park is called the Wilderness Waterway, and travels mostly inshore waterways. Some paddlers choose to make an outer loop around Cape Sable, which gives them a chance to paddle in the open waters of Florida Bay although doing so does add to the length of the trip and can provide additional challenges with tides, currents and waves. Whichever route they choose, most paddlers will make the trip over a period of 7 to 10 days, although we have had a repeat guest here at the Ivey House and EvergladesAdventures.com who recently paddled from Everglades City to Flamingo and back in just seven days! When asked what inspired him to do such a remarkable thing, he simply said "I like to paddle". So – whether you are an avid athlete who likes to get out and paddle for miles and miles in a single day, or a free spirit who likes to take in every amazing sight and enjoy a much slower ride, you may have the time of your life on this epic journey!

The table below lists the options we offer for shuttle services (of vehicles, equipment, and people) between Everglades City and Flamingo. Of course, if you don't have your own boat(s) or equipment, we can help you out with those, too… for more information on that, please visit our Boats Rentals page.

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