Wilderness Waterway

Immerse yourself in the most pristine and profound Everglades experience by traveling the 100-mile Wilderness Waterway, a week-long adventure through the Ten Thousand Islands in Southwest Florida’s Everglades National Park.

Autumn–Spring RENTALS

November 1, 2022 – April 16, 2023
Boats may differ from photo


Adventure for 1 or 2

$480 130-mile shuttle for 1 or 2
$25/person after 2

Canoe Rentals

+ Canoe for 2

$49/day (5-10 days)


+ Ruddered Kayak for 1

$50/day (5-10 days)


+ Ruddered Kayak for 2

$75/day (5-10 days)

plus 13% taxes and fees

Rent Now

Choose one or more watercraft for your adventure.
Customize your trip with your choice of ruddered single touring kayaks, ruddered tandem touring kayaks, or 17-foot Grumman canoes with seat cushions. Each watercraft includes paddles, PFDs, a bilge pump, and bow & stern lines.

Flat Rate Add-ons

  • Extra Kayak Paddle $10
  • Extra Canoe Paddle: $5
  • Paddle Float: $5
  • Extra PFD: $15
  • Extra Bilge Pump: $5

Daily Add-ons

  • 5-Gallon Water Container: $2.50/day
  • 60-Quart Cooler: $2/day
  • 80-Quart Dry Box: $3/day
  • 20-Liter or 30-Liter Dry Bag: $2/day
  • 110-Liter Dry Bag: $2.50/day

What is the Wilderness Waterway?

You’ll paddle a kayak or canoe through uninhabited mangrove islets once occupied by Native Americans for thousands of years, but now home only to wild Everglades plants and animals, including crocodiles, flamingos, dolphins, sharks, rays, and countless migratory birds.

After paddling and camping for 5-10 days you’ll reach the opposite end of the Waterway.

You can choose to depart from the Ivey House Everglades Adventures Hotel in Everglades City or the campgrounds near Flamingo.

Our shuttles will travel 130 miles by road to pick you up or drop you off, depending on the direction you wish to travel.

Nautical charts are available at our front desk.

For more information, please contact us.