New Full Moon Kayak Tours

Everglades Adventures now offers guided kayak tours under a full moon!

We operate twilight kayak tours each day of the month so our guests get a chance to experience the local wildlife preparing for nightfall. Our full moon tours are twilight tours timed to coincide with the full moon rising in the sky.

A full moon occurs every 29.5 days, and our full moon tours operate the day before, the day of, and the day after. To enjoy a full moon during your tour, book our evening Guided Kayak Tour for the following dates of the 2022-2023 season:

  • December 6-8
  • January 5-7
  • February 4-6
  • March 6-8
  • April 5-7

Look for the “Full Moon”, rather than “Twilight”, label on the 3:30pm, 4:00pm or 4:30pm time slot when booking your tour. Times vary based on sunset.

Many traditions have been captivated by the full moon, associating it with significant events and even magic. Experience more Everglades magic, beauty, and wonder by the light of a full moon!